Domestic clients 2017

Trose has secured lots of different types of projects for this coming year after a strong end to 2016 we are currently constructing a large double side and rear extension with a loft conversion on a semi detached property in Coney Hall village. We also are constructing a loft conversion and single storey rear extension to a terraced property in Beckenham. And a large single storey rear extension with open plan kitchen diner. Keep an eye on our twitter and Youtube pages for regular updates and progress. From November last year Trose has been involved in various projects one of which is a bungalow conversion from a 2 bed detached to now a 5 bed detached bungalow we are now in the finishing stages. Check out our YouTube and Twitter links to see the progress. keep a watch out for updates !!

Youtube Channel Trosedevelopmentstv

At Trose we are always trying to think of what the customer would like from there builder so we have joined the Youtube world. this means that we take small film clips of your project and load them to our channel which also links to our website on the projects page. this can give you a view of how the project is evolving on a week to week basis. We think this is a great idea so customers can be more aware of what is happening on there project.

Twitter @Trosetv

Get involved and you can follow us and just see how we are doing on a day to day basis or read the tweets and links about the world of construction there is plenty to read about so why not follow us @Trosetv look forward to hearing from you.

Company News

Trose is currently involved in various New Build construction sites in the southeast ranging from large developments sizing down to smaller construction projects for private clients. The end of 2016 was very busy for more of our Domestic Clients which has seen a growth in confidence with clients preferring to extend and refurbish rather than move. The first part of 2017 looks set to continue with that trend with the various projects we have underway and booked in to start early this year. Here is a list of some of our Larger clients who we are currently working with * Compton Homes Limited * Geoffrey Osborne * Providence Homes Limited * CC Cousins Limited * Giggs Hill Green Homes * Promotion Hire Limited * Langham Homes * Wooldridge Group * Millgate Homes *WOW Contracting We have a list of private and comercial clients who are more than willing to give references for the work that Trose is carrying out or completed so please do not hesitate to send an email via our contacts page for more information. We hope that this information will help you choose the RIGHT company to carry out your building project no matter how big or small.


We are also involved in smaller projects Extensions complete design and build to bathroom and kitchen fit outs both supplied and fitted to customer specifications. For more information on our products and services please contact Paul Sullivan on 07764607652 or email: or visit our YouTube channel and give us a follow on Twitter. .